For any cord-cutting sports fans out there, YouTube TV just got a whole lot more appealing. The service, which already offers almost anything a sports fan could want (besides NFL RedZone), reached an agreement with the NBA for their League Pass package and the MLB for package.

Both services will be available in the near future, giving subscribers access to every game each league has to offer. Of course, they won’t be included in the base package  (which will increase from $35 to $40 on March 13th). Instead, they’ll be offered as an add-on.

(Interestingly enough, tech guru Clinton Fitch let us in on a “loophole” to avoid YouTube TV’s price increase. “If you are new to YouTube TV and sign up before the 13th, your price will also remain at the $35 per month rate,” he wrote on his site,


Sling TV is the only Live TV streaming service currently offering NBA League Pass, doing so for $28.99/month. They also offer NBA Team Pass — every game for one team — for $17.99/month. I’d imagine YouTube TV will charge the same amount and also offer the Team Pass option.

As for, YouTube TV will be the first Live TV streaming service to include it as an option.

In addition to their every-game packages, YouTube TV will now include MLB Network and NBA TV in their regular programming lineup. As of March 9th, 2018, both channels are already available.

Per MLB’s official press release, the league will be teaming up with YouTube TV on a number of promotional efforts throughout the year. Most notably, YouTube TV is lined up as the presenting sponsor for the 2018 and 2019 World Series.


It should be noted that both services — and NBA League Pass — are available without a streaming service on most devices. For instance, if you subscribed to either service just regularly, you’d be able to download the app on your Amazon Fire Stick and stream it that way. With that said, this entire announcement is about convenience; the ability to consolidate two bills into one, especially for the Millennial Generation, is enticing.

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